New State Bar of Texas Warning to Members about email scam

Recently some of our members have received a warning from the State Bar of Texas about a new email scam targeting attorneys.  The text of the email read:

“We are writing to inform you that an email scam that uses false notifications of disciplinary actions is targeting members of the State Bar of Texas.

Several members have reported receiving an email claiming a grievance had been filed against them and that they had 10 days to respond. The email invites them to “click here” for more information.

The email is not from the State Bar of Texas or the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel. (Neither of these entities sends out disciplinary notices via email.)

Attorneys in other states have reported receiving similar email notices purporting to be from their state bars. In those cases, the lawyer was instructed to click on a link to view the complaint, which loaded a malicious software called ransomware that blocks computer access until a sum of money is paid.

If you receive this type of email, delete it immediately.”

Let’s all be careful out there!