New Mental Health Treatment Court comes to Montgomery County

There is exciting news from the Montgomery County Courts.  Effective August, 2016, there will be a new Mental Health Treatment Court that will be available for qualifying misdemeanor and felony cases.  Gloria Kessler, M.Ed., is the new Director and may be reached at or by telephone at (936) 538-8110.

1.                   What Criminal Cases Will Be Accepted for the Mental Health Treatment Court?

  • The Mental Health Treatment Court will be accepting both misdemeanor and felony cases.  The court will accept referrals from Defense Attorneys, Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, Probation and family members who believe that a defendant could benefit from adjudication in a process that includes supervision, mental health treatment and community resources, instead of incarceration.  Certain criteria must be met, and there will be some defendants excluded because of certain crimes, diagnosis and violent criminal history.

2.                   What Is the Referral Process for Criminal Cases to the Mental Health Treatment Court?

  • The District Attorney’s office will review referred cases and accept qualifying defendants into the Mental Health Treatment Court.  Montgomery County Mental Health Court Services (formerly known as Managed Assigned Counsel) will meet with qualified defendants to complete the clinical psychosocial assessments and develop the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) for each individual participant.  The Mental Health Treatment Court will have a non-adversarial “team” approach when working with the participants.  The Treatment Team will consist of the Judge, the District Attorney, the Defense Attorney, the Community Supervision Officer, the Mental Health Court Services Director, the Court Clinician and the two Case Managers.

3.                   How can I get more information on this program?

  • You may contact the Director, Ms. Gloria Kessler directly, at her email, or by telephone at (936) 538-8110.  Referral packets can be requested from Mental Health Court services either by email at and clicking on “Mental Health Court Services” from the directory menu or by calling Mental Health Court Services at (936) 538-8110.
  • Additionally, the Director, Ms. Gloria Kessler, will be available at the Montgomery County Defense Bar luncheon on July 14, 2016 to answer questions about the Mental Health Treatment Court.  Attending that meeting will also be Dr. Michael Fuller with UTMB to discuss the differences and similarities between competency and mental illness and John Bragg with Tri-County to discuss the Outpatient Competency Restoration program.

Any additional questions should be directed to Ms. Gloria Kessler, at or by telephone at (936) 538-8110