Ad Litem/Mediator Appointments Montgomery County Courts

Nathan Jensen, Director of Court Administration, Montgomery County, Texas is now taking applications for ad litem and for mediator appointments.

Attorneys interested in getting on these lists can fill out the application that is linked below (one for Ad Litem, one for Mediator), along with a copy of current CLE.  Please note that attorneys applying to the Probate/Trusts and Guardianship wheels need pre-approval from Jackie Ullom in County Court at Law No. 2 before they can be put onto those respective wheels.–county_courts/ad_litem_application_form_20151006192710_290076.pdf–county_courts/mediator_application_form.pdf

 You can turn in these applications to Mr. Jensen at the address below: 

Mr. Nathan Jensen, Dir. of Court Administration

301 North Main, Suite 304 Conroe, TX.  77301

Although an email went out to our members, we wanted to ensure that everyone who might be interested in participating was notified.