The Woodlands Bar Association was founded in 2006 to promote and develop the legal profession in The Woodlands, to provide networking and continuing legal education opportunities for its members, and to provide community service in areas where the members of the Association can use their unique legal skills to provide service to others. With an estimated 700 lawyers working or living in The Woodlands, The Woodlands Bar Association has a lot to offer. For information about joining the Woodlands Bar Association, please click on the Membership tab of the navigation bar or contact the Vice President for Membership:


Speakers Bureau

The Woodlands Bar Association provides, upon request, speakers on all legal topics for Woodlands-area schools, businesses, civic organizations, religious organizations, and other groups.  Possible topics include:  bankruptcy law;  buying or selling a home;  contract law;  constitutional law;  consumer rights;  family law;  jury service;  law as a career;  and wills and probate.  Any group wishing to have a Woodlands Bar Association speaker should, at least three weeks in advance, contact the Vice President  Community Affairs at Community@woodlandsbarassociation.com